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Definition of cross:

  1. Oblique; transverse; obstructing; adverse; peevish or ill- humoured.
  2. To draw a line, or place a body, across another; to pass or move over; to pass from side to side; to cancel; to erase; to obstruct or hinder.
  3. Two lengths of any body placed across each other- thus (+), ( X), or (+); a line drawn through another; the ensign of the Christian religion; the instrument on which the Saviour died; any misfortune; a hindrance.


tail, home run, trial, beat, bobble, alloyed, cover up, go bad, thwartwise, altar, heavy, underwrite, overcompensate, screw up, brand, baby, animal, cut through, sweep, stain, bilk, choleric, intersect, itch, crucify, falter, carrefour, intersection, chip, pass through, dive, blend, cactus, crown of thorns, cardinal sin, allow, crabbed, fool, circus, thwart, fumble, collar, crossway, backhand, crabby, burden, cold, incubate, cone, gravel, bollix up, skip, go after, expunge, soft touch, enshroud, baffle, trail, featherbed, swing out, crosscut, embroil, hybrid, divide, mollycoddle, dollar sign, dog collar, cancel, checkmate, furrow, have/have got against, boxing, crossbreed, bad-tempered, stigma, tag, cross-fertilization, balk, beast of burden, dumbfound, vex, brood, crossover, subdue, annul, go against, shroud, plunder, amaze, skip over, score, dun, impair, indulge, scar, undo, endanger, grade, loanblend, fall into place, raspy, get across, reject, bull's eye, the Creation, boo-boo, sucker, hybridization, embrace, louse up, overcome, bare-knuckle, stymie, angry, carry, hook, arachnid, nonplus, bisect, expose, particular, botch, report, ball, blot, sink in, creep, foil, regulate, mark, give chase, combo, checkmark, boxer, cover, clone, blow, knock, strike at, marker, finicky, plow, ill-natured, defeat, meet, deal, queer, biped, short-tempered, hybridise, box, filter, bounce back, pose, cloning, stuffy, kick, chalice, surmount, critical, compound, erase, mess up, mix, foul up, flummox, grade crossing, decussate, ill-tempered, cross-fertilize, scotch, crossing, mar, master, hash mark, Eden, crumple, big, comprehend, deflower, rape, climber, sign, delivery, bell ringer, bean, grumpy, join, mingle, pass across, scrape, busy, compensate, cereal, corrupt, crease, traverse, perverse, fiery, mongrel, broom, interbreeding, Easter egg, drag, hybridizing, bulldoze, loan-blend, jaywalking, wipe, gull, jump, clear, stand against, handle, push, quick-tempered, jumble, rub, crucifix, creationism, squeeze, peril, converge, grouchy, transversal, frustrate, combination, sail, fluff, fight your way, big game, fall guy, ford, brush, bush, bantamweight, flash, bollix, crotchety, arthropod, shoot, smash, catch, cassock, alpine, sweep up, overfly, bedding plant, bow-wow, put over, continue, fussy, testy, crossroad, snippy, wrap up, perplex, breed, stick, flub, muck up, mug, move, bungle, bollocks up, span, go over, adult, collection plate, mixed, scupper, hatch, commandment, annual, stump, gleam, waspish, get well, muff, deoxyribonucleic acid, patsy, finical, crosswise, ball up, crosswalk, dog, come home, bear, overlay, scratch, bout, delete, snarky, drag in, puzzle, jumpy, treat, blast, swing, amphibian, spoil, move through, spread over, arrow, hybridisation, hide, mixture, snappy, target, ratty, get through, canonical, hybridize, tribulation, caret, pettish, get, elude, bollocks, picky, bodge, affliction, evade, the Fall, birdie, torment, chump, green light, stupefy, insure, pamper, chase, bang, the Cross, get over, vitiate, efface, declare against, count out, cut across, obliterate, vacate, crossbred, carrier, arachnid, crossbreeding, dribble, over, rag, mishandle, cut, tangle, chromosome, botch up, violate, interbreed, express, pass over, cosset, snippety, hieroglyphics, coddle, amalgam, miscegenation, brassica, arm-wrestling, pass, despoil, strike, corner, extend, mystify, beast, print, cocker, penetrate, chase after, asterisk, the Crucifixion, address, biretta, bunny, crisscross, crossroads, bedevil, choo-choo, marking, concoction, bewilder, dawn, cold-blooded, canon law, bumble, overpass, encompass, transverse, tear up, click, play, transit, track.

Usage examples: