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Definition of crucify:

  1. To put to death by nailing to a cross; to repress and subdue evil passions and desires from love to Christ.


humiliate, remonstrate, lecture, rebuke, nark, dispatch, tear apart, rile, confound, bilk, chew out, repress, gibbet, blare, boom, rack, suppress, humble, sphacelate, rally, call on the carpet, razz, take someone's life, strangle, inhibit, irritate, tame, get to, lambast, get over, dun, gangrene, shoot, reproof, foil, quash, chagrin, abase, frustrate, tantalise, knock down, twit, cod, smash, necrose, kill, vex, bother, tantalize, nail, call down, trounce, chafe, baffle, assassinate, scold, chide, savage, confuse, exterminate, tease, hang, shell, pain, discombobulate, harangue, throw, reduce, censure, befuddle, fuddle, overcome, subordinate, taunt, keep down, damn, bump off, master, take to task, murder, scotch, rag, blast, bedevil, ride, dress down, conquer, subdue, chew up, thwart, fox, jaw, massacre, pillory, reward, torment, tell off, bait, subjugate, excruciate, gravel, get at, mortify, tear someone/something to pieces/shreds, berate, surmount, devil, bawl out, take/bring/hold someone to task, nettle, have words, cross, attack, curb, spoil, reprimand, stamp down, annoy, slaughter.

Usage examples: