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Definition of curious:

  1. Strongly desirous to know or see; inquisitive; prying; wrought with elaborate care and art; difficult to please; singular; rare.


scrutinizing, overcurious, funky, quaint, homophile, rum, screwy, absent, inquisitive, remaining, off-the-wall, exotic, questioning, appealing, surprising, brooding, screwball, unexpended, rare, queer, special, nosey, offbeat, wondering, inquiring, beatific, speculative, singular, bug-eyed, particular, queerish, wacky, peculiar, enquiring, out-of-the-way, risible, leftover, weirdo, way-out, suspicious, nosy, outré, uneven, mirthful, intrusive, gay, comic, dark, black, kinky, left over, remarkable, spaced-out, strange, unmatched, cranky, odd, usual, notable, unusual, shady, funny, peeping, bleak, interested, kooky, unnatural, curiosity, unmated, left, rummy, off-kilter, meddling, curiously, amusing, far-out, unpaired, prying, darkly, suspect, unaccustomed, wild, snoopy, fishy, investigate, bizarro, inquisitorial.

Usage examples: