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Definition of darkness:

  1. A state of distress or trouble.
  2. A state of ignorance or error, especially on moral or religious subjects; hence, wickedness; impurity.
  3. A state of privacy; secrecy.
  4. The absence of light; blackness; obscurity; gloom.
  5. Want of clearness or perspicuity; obscurity; as, the darkness of a subject, or of a discussion.


shadower, wickedness, sinfulness, nefariousness, sliminess, eclipse, dark, murk, light, pessimism, ugliness, shabbiness, shadow, phantasm, loathsomeness, phantasma, dusk, unfairness, vileness, duskiness, iniquity, shadiness, injustice, tincture, sin, repulsiveness, swarthiness, fantasm, apparition, evil, trace, immorality, obscureness, shade, twilight, vestige, phantom, tail, lousiness, nightfall, nighttime.

Usage examples: