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Definition of dashing:

  1. Bold; spirited; showy.
  2. of Dash


zippy, swish, trig, devil-may-care, fashionable, striking, debonaire, frosty, style, peppy, usual, stylish, nipping, vivacious, active, whipping, breaking, posh, raffish, crisp, mod, spiffy, jaunty, trendy, swanky, alert, majestic, rakish, animated, bouncy, spirited, merry, action, dapper, debonair, snappy, lofty, pert, chivalrous, in, chipper, brave, sharp, beating, spruce, proud, snappish, lively, with-it, daring, modish, classy, spanking, nippy, natty, gallant, knightly, high-spirited, dynamic, smart, rattling.

Usage examples: