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Definition of daze:

  1. A glittering stone.
  2. The state of being dazed; as, he was in a daze.
  3. To stupefy with excess of light; with a blow, with cold, or with fear; to confuse; to benumb.


shock absorber, trance, impact, awareness, jar, see, fog, shock, bewilderment, stun, bewilderment, jolt, bewilderedness, confusion, distraction, murkiness, puzzlement, electrical shock, befuddlement, electric shock, bedaze, bedazzle, trance, mystification, maze, dazzle, stupor, bemuse, benumb, grogginess, blow, muddle, murk, bedazzle, jounce, cushion, blind, sandbag, discombobulation, perplexity, seismic disturbance, haze, semiconsciousness, fogginess.

Usage examples: