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Definition of deep:

  1. Extending far back from the front or outer part; of great horizontal dimension ( measured backward from the front or nearer part, mouth, etc.); as, a deep cave or recess or wound; a gallery ten seats deep; a company of soldiers six files deep.
  2. Extending far below the surface; of great perpendicular dimension ( measured from the surface downward, and distinguished from high, which is measured upward); far to the bottom; having a certain depth; as, a deep sea.
  3. Hard to penetrate or comprehend; profound; - opposed to shallow or superficial; intricate; mysterious; not obvious; obscure; as, a deep subject or plot.
  4. Low in situation; lying far below the general surface; as, a deep valley.
  5. Muddy; boggy; sandy; - said of roads.
  6. Of penetrating or far- reaching intellect; not superficial; thoroughly skilled; sagacious; cunning.
  7. Profound; thorough; complete; unmixed; intense; heavy; heartfelt; as, deep distress; deep melancholy; deep horror.
  8. Strongly colored; dark; intense; not light or thin; as, deep blue or crimson.
  9. That which is deep, especially deep water, as the sea or ocean; an abyss; a great depth.
  10. That which is profound, not easily fathomed, or incomprehensible; a moral or spiritual depth or abyss.
  11. To a great depth; with depth; far down; profoundly; deeply.


colorful, buddy-buddy, thick, late, colourful, underwater, blockheaded, inward, productive, heavy, artful, abysm, dense, obscure, inscrutable, thin, wide, duncical, alto, in depth, below, compact, broad, impenetrable, oceanic abyss, occult, in difficulty, bottomless, wooden-headed, underground, turbid, heartfelt, abyssal, contralto, trench, low-pitched, intense, of late, awareness, robust, difficult, submarine, strong, cryptical, gulf, under, rooted, dark, orphic, inmost, dim, loggerheaded, large, tardily, heavyset, distant, profound, enigmatical, ambiguous, cryptic, kabbalistic, hidden, darksome, extensive, duncish, excite, penetrating, unplumbed, high, mysterious, involved, secret, complex, in trouble at trouble, qabalistic, low, sibylline, ample, walk-in, stocky, abysmal, sincere, fat, unintelligible, copious, easy, far, abyssal, plentiful, abstruse, mystifying, esoteric, mystical, long, deep-rooted, beneath, lately, sound, cloudy, surface, thickset, indistinct, plenteous, deep-seated, wakeless, boneheaded, recondite, incomprehensible, profoundly, thickheaded, big, buried, having trouble, immersed, sonorous, chummy, absorbed, deeply, complicated, subterranean, cabalistic, shallow, subaqueous, bass, full-bodied, thick-skulled, slurred, racy, unfathomed, inexplicable, rapt, latterly, rich, depth, unsounded, fatheaded, recently, mystic, suffering, fertile, intent, deep-water, yawning, preoccupied, doubtful, belatedly, immeasurable, muddy, dusky, intricate, narrow.

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