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Definition of defer:

  1. To lay before; to submit in a respectful manner; to refer; - with to.
  2. To put off; to delay to act; to wait.
  3. To put off; to postpone to a future time; to delay the execution of; to delay; to withhold.
  4. To render or offer.
  5. To yield deference to the wishes of another; to submit to the opinion of another, or to authority; - with to.


pass on, confuse, sidestep, admit, adjourn, continue, buckle under, flurry, skirt, do, draw out, hold off, bow down, resign, turn off, submit, disconcert, get across, send back, hold over, prorogue, put over, waive, put back, remand, circumvent, tabularize, hold up, tabulate, slacken, render, concede, table, duck, accede, put forward, dishearten, extend, take, give in, shelve, set back, crouch, protract, dodge, put-off, delay, wait, evade, subject, stoop, posit, reconcile, tabularise, remit, agree to, relegate, elongate, suspend, postpone, enter, state, stay, elude, parry, present, put in, carry over, prolong, bow, put on ice, hedge, procrastinate, fudge, lengthen, knock back.

Usage examples: