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Definition of delighted:

  1. Endowed with delight.
  2. filled with wonder and delight
  3. of Delight


joyous, excellent, overwhelmed, cheerful, merry, amenable, buoyant, cheering, content, pleased/only too pleased to do something, splendid, beguiled, fortunate, ready, captivated, joyful, pleased, carefree, rejoiced, blithesome, yielding, successful, prosperous, exuberant, contented, blessed, dexterous, rejoicing, inclined, interested, sunny, felicitous, fascinated, lucky, bright, sprightly, delightful, prepared to do something, blithe, willing, blissful, charmed, certainly, entranced, thankful, glad, jocund, chuffed, tickled, enchanted, alive, thrilled, jolly, gay, rapturous, mirthful, cheery, obliging, enthralled, smiling, happy.

Usage examples: