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Definition of dent:

  1. A slight depression, or small notch or hollow, made by a blow or by pressure; an indentation.
  2. A stroke; a blow.
  3. A tooth, as of a card, a gear wheel, etc.
  4. To make a dent upon; to indent.


lettuce, shit, blemish, scribble, blur, spot, daub, flaw, drop-off, speck, pecker, dishonor, chicken feed, start, disgrace, diminishment, decrement, sugar, damage, hole, smirch, tool, hollow, offset, tarnish, notch, asshole, decline, rip, bread, puss, blot, dint, reduction, furrow, peter, scrawl, cabbage, imperfection, gelt, surgical incision, cacography, riddle, scar, scrape, wampum, loot, bastard, depression, footprint, twat, neutralize, cocksucker, indenture, crack, pelf, cut, stain, shaft, brand, concavity, kale, soil, print, cost, prick, lolly, mark, starting line, snatch, snick, incision, putz, abatement, trough, dip, stamp, dick, loss, son of a bitch, falloff, cock, depletion, cavity, pussy, slit, dinero, injury, scratch, cunt, reproach, indentation, pierce, dough, bore, dimple, ding, puncture, whoreson, shrinkage, defect, taint, cancel out, abrasion, nick, imprint, defacement, fault, scratch line, harm, overshadow, drop, indent, moolah, dickhead, disfigurement, spoil, track, loose on, stigma, tear, step-down, recess, impression, scallop, lucre, scratching, clams, impress, shekels, fall, diminution, deformity, boodle, gouge, excoriation, simoleons, section, pit, scraping, pricking, sink.

Usage examples: