How Do You Spell DERIVED?

Correct spelling for the English word "derived" is [dɪɹˈa͡ɪvd], [dɪɹˈa‍ɪvd], [d_ɪ_ɹ_ˈaɪ_v_d] (IPA phonetic alphabet).

Similar spelling words for DERIVED

50 words made out of letters DERIVED

3 letters

  • edd,
  • dre,
  • eve,
  • vie,
  • red,
  • rid,
  • ded,
  • rev,
  • ire,
  • die.

4 letters

  • vedi,
  • erei,
  • reed,
  • revi,
  • ride,
  • dive,
  • ried,
  • devi,
  • derv,
  • eier,
  • devd,
  • deer,
  • dier,
  • veer,
  • rive,
  • reid,
  • idvd,
  • ided,
  • vier,
  • deed,
  • dire,
  • eire,
  • erie,
  • edde,
  • ered,
  • ever.

5 letters

  • diede,
  • dered,
  • derve,
  • dreed,
  • reive,
  • rieve,
  • vreed,
  • erdei,
  • dever,
  • vired,
  • reded,
  • vrede,
  • riede,
  • vided.

Conjugate verb Derived


I would derive
we would derive
you would derive
he/she/it would derive
they would derive


I will derive
we will derive
you will derive
he/she/it will derive
they will derive


I will have derived
we will have derived
you will have derived
he/she/it will have derived
they will have derived


I derived
we derived
you derived
he/she/it derived
they derived


I had derived
we had derived
you had derived
he/she/it had derived
they had derived


I derive
we derive
you derive
he/she/it derives
they derive


I have derived
we have derived
you have derived
he/she/it has derived
they have derived
I am deriving
we are deriving
you are deriving
he/she/it is deriving
they are deriving
I was deriving
we were deriving
you were deriving
he/she/it was deriving
they were deriving
I will be deriving
we will be deriving
you will be deriving
he/she/it will be deriving
they will be deriving
I have been deriving
we have been deriving
you have been deriving
he/she/it has been deriving
they have been deriving
I had been deriving
we had been deriving
you had been deriving
he/she/it had been deriving
they had been deriving
I will have been deriving
we will have been deriving
you will have been deriving
he/she/it will have been deriving
they will have been deriving
I would have derived
we would have derived
you would have derived
he/she/it would have derived
they would have derived
I would be deriving
we would be deriving
you would be deriving
he/she/it would be deriving
they would be deriving
I would have been deriving
we would have been deriving
you would have been deriving
he/she/it would have been deriving
they would have been deriving


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