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Definition of diaphanous:

  1. Allowing light to pass through, as porcelain; translucent or transparent; pellucid; clear.


downright, straightforward, ethereal, apparent, unmingled, vaporific, absolute, plain, miasmic, unmistakable, aerial, vaporish, distinct, perspicuous, intelligible, see through, cobwebby, transparent, right-down, aery, vaporous, thin, manifest, vapourous, pellucid, vapourific, filmy, unadorned, unmixed, unambiguous, miasmal, bold, gauze-like, gauzy, gossamer, vapory, sheer, thick, evident, crystal clear, guileless, explicit, bluff, gossamery, airy, unequivocal, rank, obvious, out-and-out, vapourish.

Usage examples: