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Definition of ding-dong:

  1. An imitation of the sound of repeated blows on a metallic body, as a bell.


yo-yo, nut, berk, charlie, doofus, ding, chime, softhead, moron, peal, nit, ding-a-ling, schmuck, cuckoo, turkey, jerk, bong, jackass, controversy, bell, ninny, argument, ass, gander, ability, dip, tomfool, simple, confrontation, ninnyhammer, dong, imbecile, dingbat, fool, nitwit, goose, dipstick, conflict, fight, disagreement, jingle, lunatic, misunderstanding, booby, nincompoop, featherhead, nerd, quarrel, nutcase, simp, goof, dispute, schmo, dope, ping, git, idiot, half-wit, ting-a-ling, simpleton, mooncalf, ring, a war of words, dingdong, cretin.