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Definition of dingy:

  1. Alt. of Dinghy
  2. Soiled; sullied; of a dark or dusky color; dark brown; dirty.


low-spirited, blasphemous, miry, pestiferous, contaminating, grisly, gruesome, grungy, quaggy, drear, sober, low, raunchy, lamentable, muddied, no-account, sorry, unforgiving, no-good, meritless, glowering, depressed, cloudy, gloomful, gentle, impure, boggy, good-for-nothing, blue-blooded, grim, glooming, inconsolable, benighted, disconsolate, broken-down, dour, pitiful, bluish, patrician, blueish, cheerless, tattered, downhearted, glum, soiled, macabre, grimy, threadbare, gamey, puritanic, salacious, spicy, tacky, muddy, distressing, profane, dirty, faded, sinister, dark-skinned, sad, sick, forbidding, racy, inexorable, unconsolable, shoddy, unappeasable, coloured, down-at-heel, risque, gloomy, no-count, deplorable, squashy, bad, waterlogged, mordant, mangy, downcast, unsportsmanlike, aristocratic, morose, puritanical, ratty, marked-up, aristocratical, lousy, sulky, dispirited, non-white, soggy, scrubby, cheating, drab, blue, dy, sullen, ill-gotten, unsporting, mirky, regretful, relentless, dismal, sloughy, obscure, swampy, sour, saturnine, down in the mouth, ghastly, turbid, lewd, all the worse for wear, begrimed, unclean, rundown, bedraggled, unrelenting, decaying, dilapidated, gamy, sombre, marshy, grubby, dreary, sleazy, moody, olive-drab, better, uncheerful, stern, good-for-naught, down, tatty, juicy, naughty, decrepit.

Usage examples: