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Definition of dirty:

  1. Defiled with dirt; foul; nasty; filthy; not clean or pure; serving to defile; as, dirty hands; dirty water; a dirty white.
  2. Sleety; gusty; stormy; as, dirty weather.
  3. Sordid; base; groveling; as, a dirty fellow.
  4. Sullied; clouded; - applied to color.
  5. To foul; to make filthy; to soil; as, to dirty the clothes or hands.
  6. To tarnish; to sully; to scandalize; - said of reputation, character, etc.


grotty, inclement, thorough, snot-nosed, ill-gotten, bleak, lousy, raunchy, feculent, gloomy, purchasable, quaggy, greasy, squalid, dust-covered, galling, grungy, sloughy, spattered, illegal, cheating, drab, utter, grime, grubby, base, bemire, profane, vexatious, bespattered, disagreeable, pestilent, gutter, scurvy, ripe, execrable, vexing, smutty, squally, ruthless, obscene, stinking, corruptible, ratty, pestering, dusty, smudged, foul-spoken, pitiful, funky, unsightly, loathsome, bust, maculate, revolting, rotten, repellant, cheap, annoying, seamy, skanky, black, repelling, nasty, muddy, unswept, heavy, wanton, smeared, grimy, raging, unauthorized, marked-up, sorry, low-minded, disgustful, lame, hostile, dingy, stormy, porny, lewd, unspeakable, plaguey, trashy, crappy, unlawful, ignominious, rough, scummy, mirky, blasphemous, fecal, flyblown, spotted, tumultuous, pestiferous, spotless, Fescennine, paltry, sooty, befouled, locker-room, pestilential, squashy, foul-mouthed, dirty-minded, scabrous, X-rated, stained, draggled, comedown, smudgy, sneaking, waterlogged, stag, scatologic, cruddy, noisome, marshy, such as it is, excruciating, besplashed, slimy, ribald, polluted, splashed, unsporting, mean, coarse, drear, smirched, besmirched, unjust, dependence, scurrilous, plaguy, oily, foul, begrime, crackhouse, utterly, low, mess up, bawdy, foul-smelling, swampy, sleazy, contemptible, awful, travel-soiled, lascivious, roily, salacious, abuse, wretched, unsportsmanlike, bothersome, dark, roiled, faecal, nettlesome, slatternly, pitiable, begrimed, low-down, bribable, shitty, decent, unpolished, barnyard, corrupt, scabby, cloudy, cold turkey, colly, scrubby, addiction, repellent, irritating, currish, unclean, unprintable, clean, stinky, seedy, calm, sanitary, disconsolate, turbulent, downright, unwashed, dismal, perversive, detestable, fraudulent, wrongful, pesky, smoked, miry, turbid, dishonorable, hopelessly, wild, crack den, deplorable, bemire, violent, scatological, straggly, teasing, sordid, rugged, despicable, clandestine, boggy, vitriolic, ugly, contaminated, snide, unhygienic, bedraggled, illegible, septic, unfair, grim, dreary, soil, bemired, vile, foetid, raw, contaminating, yucky, corruptive, buggy, distasteful, smelly, off-color, improper, crude, afoul, snotty, infected, loathly, fouled, ill-scented, abusive, muddied, broad, corrupting, soiled, unconstitutional, blue, sadly, travel-stained, smoky, sullied, illicit, mucky, shady, filthy, uncleanly, tempestuous, rusty, blackened, wicked, soggy.

Usage examples: