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Definition of disconcert:

  1. To break up the harmonious progress of; to throw into disorder or confusion; as, the emperor disconcerted the plans of his enemy.
  2. To confuse the faculties of; to disturb the composure of; to discompose; to abash.
  3. Want of concert; disagreement.


hold over, discomfort, pain, circumvent, knock over, throw, chagrin, confound, study at embarrass, turn over, put on the spot, set back, duck, discomfit, shame, hedge, table, upset, overawe, blur, put-off, prorogue, obnubilate, discountenance, unsettle, bedevil, disturb, overturn, trouble, tump over, put over, dodge, tip over, jumble, bowl over, postpone, discombobulate, confuse, bewilder, flurry, befuddle, shelve, perplex, swage, remit, evade, fuddle, defer, throw for a loop, sidestep, untune, discompose, fudge, elude, obscure, mix up, daunt, turn off, skirt, parry, fox.

Usage examples: