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Definition of discount:

  1. A counting off or deduction made from a gross sum on any account whatever; an allowance upon an account, debt, demand, price asked, and the like; something taken or deducted.
  2. A deduction made for interest, in advancing money upon, or purchasing, a bill or note not due; payment in advance of interest upon money.
  3. The rate of interest charged in discounting.
  4. To deduct from an account, debt, charge, and the like; to make an abatement of; as, merchants sometimes discount five or six per cent for prompt payment of bills.
  5. To leave out of account; to take no notice of.
  6. To lend money upon, deducting the discount or allowance for interest; as, the banks discount notes and bills of exchange.
  7. To lend, or make a practice of lending, money, abating the discount; as, the discount for sixty or ninety days.
  8. To take into consideration beforehand; to anticipate and form conclusions concerning ( an event).


depreciation, neglect, allowance, modification, tax deduction, rabbet, brush aside, bank discount, snub, throw out, beat down, dissolve, price reduction, deprecate, interest, displace, give the sack, increase, brush off, rake-off, cut rate, terminate, deductive reasoning, dismiss, tax write-off, off, overlook, look down on, climb, downgrade, push aside, push away, subtraction, can, disregard, twofer, concession, percentage, exemption, on sale, disdain, give the axe, give notice, rollback, markdown, drop, appraise, wave aside, implication, undervalue, force out, kickback, nosedive, slight, underrate, run down, take, tare, talk down, commission, usher out, discount rate, denigrate, capping, underestimate, salvage, knock off, fire, bounce back, something off, ignore, send packing, bottom out, cap, sack, attack, show, synthesis, minimize, diminution, marginalize, tare and tret, send away, on offer, rebate, deduction, special offer, entailment, cash discount.

Usage examples: