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Definition of discretion:

  1. Discrimination.
  2. Disjunction; separation.
  3. Freedom to act according to one's own judgment; unrestrained exercise of choice or will.
  4. The quality of being discreet; wise conduct and management; cautious discernment, especially as to matters of propriety and self- control; prudence; circumspection; wariness.


daintiness, forehandedness, fragility, sensibleness, kickshaw, gumption, treat, goody, intellect, precaution, repression, manners, concern, consideration, reserve, foresightedness, apprehension, judgement, self-restraint, courtesy, warmth, dainty, sagacity, hospitality, charity, free, decorum, perceptiveness, readiness, way, providence, airiness, self-control, policy, nous, maturity, suppression, levelheadedness, liberality, thoughtlessness, forethoughtfulness, liberty, secrecy, common sense, dexterity, reason, intelligence, wit, refrainment, slightness, discreetness, fineness, delicacy, appreciation, address, free will, taste, sagaciousness, inhibition, ingenuity, pleasure, support, appropriately, discernment, kindness, druthers, brilliance, horse sense, restraint, politeness, prudence, generosity, tact, forethought, adroitness, clarity, savvy, watchfulness, thoughtfulness, foresight, uncommunicativeness, finesse, carelessness, diplomacy, solicitude, self-command, vision, discipline, careful, whenever appropriate, continence, sense, circumspection, intuition, wisdom, altruism, presence of mind, any time, understanding, inclination.

Usage examples: