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Definition of disgusting:

  1. of Disgust
  2. That causes disgust; sickening; offensive; revolting.


sickening, skanky, unsportsmanlike, arch, contemptible, noisome, unsporting, despicable, rebarbative, atrocious, puckish, severe, queasy, foetid, horrid, stinking, pixilated, unholy, like, vile, ill-scented, fouled, wicked, prankish, repelling, foul-smelling, low, loathly, despisable, cruddy, foul, pain, cheating, infamous, implike, marked-up, nauseous, distasteful, yucky, disgustful, revolting, terrible, mischievous, repellent, nefarious, rotten, impish, unsavoury, resistant, antipathetic, repugnant, smelly, wretched, unwholesome, offensive, sinful, ugly, good, mean, repellant, afoul, funky, loathsome, abhorrent, abominable, lousy, detestable.

Usage examples: