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Definition of disordered:

  1. Disorderly.
  2. of Disorder
  3. Thrown into disorder; deranged; as, a disordered house, judgment.


disorganized, wrong, mad, abrupt, moonstruck, busted, wiped out, disoriented, out of hand, bananas, nutty, out of kilter, dotty, mentally ill, illogical, nuts, broken, ungraded, split, uncombed, bonkers, moved, shuffled, worried, mixed-up, scattered, upside-down, helter-skelter, screwy, in disorder, batty, stirred up, wacky, daft, lost, distraught, shifted, upset, disquieted, bewildered, unconnected, low, tangled, discombobulated, bemused, loco, out of place, cracked, in confusion, rugged, unkept, in a mess, jarred, daffy, non compos mentis, at sea, fragmented, crazy, loony, confused, humiliated, cuckoo, topsy-turvy, unordered, disorganised, impoverished, order, maniac, crackers, lunatic, unsettled, befuddled, all over the place, garbled, meddled with, buggy, upturned, unranked, baffled, gaga, touched, distressed, broken in, unsound, removed, disconnected, in a muddle, sane, riffled, brainsick, overturned, incoherent, mazed, humbled, disjointed, crushed, molested, fruity, maniacal, disunited, rolled, off, unbalanced, jolted, higgledy-piggledy, tampered with, demented, unlogical, staccato.

Usage examples: