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Definition of disorderly:

  1. In a disorderly manner; without law or order; irregularly; confusedly.
  2. Not acting in an orderly way, as the functions of the body or mind.
  3. Not complying with the restraints of order and law; tumultuous; unruly; lawless; turbulent; as, disorderly people; disorderly assemblies.
  4. Not in order; marked by disorder; disarranged; immethodical; as, the books and papers are in a disorderly state.
  5. Offensive to good morals and public decency; notoriously offensive; as, a disorderly house.


rumbustious, fighting, tumbled, wild, rumpled, pell-mell, recalcitrant, untidy, indocile, vicious, boisterous, chaotic, upside-down, tousled, out of order, untrained, unkempt, cloak-and-dagger, hush-hush, unmanageable, topsy-turvy, clandestine, sloppy, hole-and-corner, organized, fractious, slovenly, moblike, surreptitious, secret, peace, lawbreaking, intractable, order, scrubby, indiscriminate, rowdy, robustious, jumbled, ungovernable, underground, brawling, obstinate, anyhow, disruptive, brutal, barbarous, straggly, mobbish, untoward, rambunctious, murderous, obstreperous, violent, raucous, unsystematic, mussy, resist, disarranged, cockeyed, turbulent, littered, undercover, mob, mussed, uncontrollable, ferocious, hugger mugger, drunk, unruly, helter-skelter, all over the place, refractory, riotous, higgledy-piggledy, thuggish, control, heterogeneous, bloodthirsty, anarchic, neat, rough-and-tumble, messed, unrestrained.

Usage examples: