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Definition of displace:

  1. To change the place of; to remove from the usual or proper place; to put out of place; to place in another situation; as, the books in the library are all displaced.
  2. To crowd out; to take the place of.
  3. To dislodge; to drive away; to banish.
  4. To remove from a state, office, dignity, or employment; to discharge; to depose; as, to displace an officer of the revenue.


finish, gouge, sack, can, give the gate, disregard, brush aside, eject, enkindle, prompt, move, make a motion, run, tin, drop, elicit, squirt, strike, fire, affect, uproot, brush off, give the bounce, incite, rouse, go, discount, burn, remove, apprize, go off, open fire, dislodge, discharge, give the axe, unsettle, dislocate, shake, notify, motivate, cut out, send word, burn down, shift, impress, force out, send away, stop, send packing, usher out, rout out, put up, act, propel, apprise, cease, provoke, bump, give the sack, squeeze out, preempt, kindle, push aside, actuate, evoke, proceed, terminate, travel, evict, plunder, locomote, arouse, raise, clear, give notice, ignore, relocate, sack up, net, dissolve, advise, deracinate, drive out, dismiss, throw out, crowd out, depose, end, be active, fuel.

Usage examples: