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Definition of distant:

  1. Far separated; far off; not near; remote; - in place, time, consanguinity, or connection; as, distant times; distant relatives.
  2. Indistinct; faint; obscure, as from distance.
  3. Not conformable; discrepant; repugnant; as, a practice so widely distant from Christianity.
  4. Reserved or repelling in manners; cold; not cordial; somewhat haughty; as, a distant manner.
  5. Separated; having an intervening space; at a distance; away.


out-of-town, afar, aloof, foreign, asunder, Godforsaken, packed, different, away, indifferent, near, strange, further, antipodal, adjacent, unapproachable, reticent, unconnected, separated, chill, contrasted, yon, contradictory, separate, upstage, offish, far-flung, reserved, ulterior, scattered, abstracted, yonder, inaccessible, impertinent, abroad, hostile, hot, attitude, extreme, indirect, uncommunicative, undemonstrative, time, outlying, indistinct, chilly, faraway, cool, nonadjacent, deep, far-off, opposed, outback, withdrawn, farther, far, close, solitary, contrary, standoffish, cold, loosely knit, backwoods, conflicting, inappropriate, remote, sparse, transatlantic, removed, unlike, out of sight, diffuse, irrelevant, outside.

Usage examples: