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Definition of distinct:

  1. Distinguished; having the difference marked; separated by a visible sign; marked out; specified.
  2. Marked; variegated.
  3. Not identical; different; individual.
  4. Separate in place; not conjunct; not united by growth or otherwise; - with from.
  5. So separated as not to be confounded with any other thing; not liable to be misunderstood; not confused; well- defined; clear; as, we have a distinct or indistinct view of a prospect.
  6. To distinguish.


chiseled, separated, perspicuous, clear, patent, limpid, unquestionable, translucent, crystalline, decided, noticeable, clean-cut, diaphanous, several, knifelike, transparent, separate, pellucid, lucid, definite, straightforward, trenchant, intelligible, outlined, audible, distinguishable, unmistakable, crystal clear, searching, razor-sharp, distinguished, crisp, hard-hitting, clear-cut, different, same, unadorned, discrete, sharp, certain, unambiguous, see, unequivocal, explicit, well-defined, defined, pronounced.

Usage examples: