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Definition of distort:

  1. Distorted; misshapen.
  2. To force or put out of the true posture or direction; to twist aside mentally or morally.
  3. To twist of natural or regular shape; to twist aside physically; as, to distort the limbs, or the body.
  4. To wrest from the true meaning; to pervert; as, to distort passages of Scripture, or their meaning.


manipulate, sophisticate, convolute, emblazon, stress, gloss, try, separate out, sieve, wriggle, buckle, load, change, heave, lie, wrench, tinct, fudge, sprain, wind, knot, warp, squeeze, flex, colourize, squirm, beautiful, writhe, filter out, interlace, curve, wrick, touch, tint, puree, wangle, filter, twine, falsify, wrap, change form, discolour, wring, wrest, tense, colour, belie, turn, rack, roll, garble, melt, cook, colour in, intertwine, color, wrestle, filtrate, extend, colorize, alter, rick, enlace, misstate, misconstrue, true, tense up, twist, colourise, sag, misshape, twist around, collapse, decline, extort, lace, sift, strain, colorise, reach, color in, slump, gouge, deteriorate, deform, worm, entwine, strive, deceive, crush, tinge, interpolate, change shape.

Usage examples: