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Definition of distract:

  1. Insane; mad.
  2. Separated; drawn asunder.
  3. To agitate by conflicting passions, or by a variety of motives or of cares; to confound; to harass.
  4. To draw ( the sight, mind, or attention) in different directions; to perplex; to confuse; as, to distract the eye; to distract the attention.
  5. To draw apart or away; to divide; to disjoin.
  6. To unsettle the reason of; to render insane; to craze; to madden; - most frequently used in the participle, distracted.


incommode, eliminate, abstract, appropriate, detach, avoid, rock, agitate, trouble, forefend, disturb, bend, perplex, avert, discompose, disorder, fluster, deflect, put out, flurry, occupy, obviate, pain, turn away, inconvenience oneself, separate, calm, puzzle, purloin, distinguish, derange, cark, block, trouble oneself, sidetrack, ward off, debar, parry, throw out of kilter, stave off, ruffle, disoblige, disquiet, ail, mislead, disarray, unhinge, bewilder, fend off, head off, upset, steal, confuse, take away, toss, discommode, withdraw, discriminate, unsettle, rattle, perturb, forfend, inconvenience, bother, remove.

Usage examples: