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Definition of distraught:

  1. Distracted; perplexed.
  2. of Distract
  3. Torn asunder; separated.


perplexed, can't think straight, loco, mad, wacky, foggy, overwrought, batty, hysterical, dotty, gaga, non compos mentis, frenzied, delirious, crazy as a loon, crazy, bananas, touched, stark raving mad, cracked, maniacal, daffy, cuckoo, agitated, sick in the head, demented, crackers, off, fruity, distrait, confused, unbalanced, mad as a hatter, insane, not all there, nutty as a fruitcake, nutty, nuts, disordered, maniac, bewildered, loony, mentally ill, bonkers, disoriented, screwy, spaced, buggy, at a loss (to do something), beside yourself, of unsound mind, around the bend, moonstruck, daft, wrong, unsound, dazed, brainsick, sane, lunatic.

Usage examples: