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Definition of distributed:

  1. of Distribute


diversified, broken, awarded, spread evenly, far-flung, straggly, unfocussed, made individually available, given away, shared, collective, personal, common, dispensed, broadcast, diffuse, widespread, best-of-breed, meted out, rationed, clickable, encyclical, separated, scattered, corporate, active, strewn, antivirus, thin, handed out, suffused, dealt out, undivided, case-sensitive, peddled door to door, appropriated, parceled out, asynchronous, divided up, spread out, doled out, compatible, sparse, dispersed, spread, unfocused, low-density, backward-compatible, fanned, indivisible, spaced, simple, shared out, diffused, bursty, uneven, splashed, among, divided, sown, apportioned, compatibility.

Usage examples: