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Definition of distrustful:

  1. Apt to distrust; suspicious; mistrustful.
  2. Not confident; diffident; wanting confidence or thrust; modest; as, distrustful of ourselves, of one's powers.


cynical, unconvinced, trustless, untrusting, uncertain, jealous, show-me, incredulous, overjealous, questioning, mistrustful, wary, doubting, take something with a grain/pinch of salt, green-eyed, leery, negativistic, hinky, undecided, skeptical, suspicious, unsettled, oversuspicious, suspicion, misanthropic, trust, disbelieve, distrust, doubt, unbelieving, misanthropical, mistrust, sceptical, misogynic, dubious, suspecting, unsure, disbelieving.

Usage examples: