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Definition of disturb:

  1. Disturbance.
  2. To agitate the mind of; to deprive of tranquillity; to disquiet; to render uneasy; as, a person is disturbed by receiving an insult, or his mind is disturbed by envy.
  3. To throw into disorder or confusion; to derange; to interrupt the settled state of; to excite from a state of rest.
  4. To turn from a regular or designed course.


inconvenience oneself, worsen, plague, pain, meet, reorganise, distract, flummox, allude, unsettle, disarray, move, amaze, disoblige, break up, frighten/scare the wits out of someone, prevent, stir up, rouse, unhinge, touch, pose, mess up, swage, set off, contact, discommode, bear on, bowl over, disjoint, refer, intrude, depress, make matters/things worse, have-to doe with, devil, hagride, stupefy, exercise, soothe, freak, startle, stick, fuss, remove, shift, campaign, affect, nark, throw, trouble, affright, keep from, calm, perplex, heat, mystify, inconvenience, propel, make uneasy, fight, upset, crowd out, put out, mix, quiet, compound, impact, tinct, afflict, escalate, undo, bewilder, outrage, feelings, extend to, vex, rag, discomfort, transfer, touch on, chivy, reorganize, break, cut off, advance, get at, complicate, transpose, succuss, fluff up, get to, trouble oneself, bump around, advert, stop, gall, thwart, shunt, equal, hang over, bar, knock over, stir, gravel, rock, untune, rival, chill, dishearten, push, pique, interrupt, relate, tump over, frazzle, weird out, foment, bear upon, distress, cark, match, devastate, reach, worry, pertain, roll, partake, guide, fluster, baffle, add fuel to the fire/flames, silence, press, ail, fire up, puzzle, disconcert, take, disrupt, ignite, agitate, order, reposition, distemper, derail, charge, overturn, bug, charge up, discomfit, relocate, tip over, come to, tint, pass, incite, check, nettle, wake, concern, shake up, incommode, raise up, shake, instigate, beat, restrain, grieve, plump up, flurry, stab, nonplus, dismay, wound, dumbfound, commove, get, crusade, adjoin, shuffle, turn on, do more harm than good, turn over, manhandle, tinge, budge.

Usage examples: