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Definition of disturbed:

  1. of Disturb


macabre, ill, insane, wild, ghastly, imbalanced, unhappy, nauseous, harebrained, in a bad way, delirious, distressed, pallid, unsettled, psychoneurotic, neurotic, disarranged, tired of, queasy, apprehensive, upturned, hard-pressed, maladjusted, unbalanced, dotty, brainsick, dysphoric, sick of, unhinged, distracted, hard put, demented, crazy, huffy, overturned, sick, gruesome, stressed, sickish, troubled, unstable, broken, fed up, mad, pale, grisly, upset, sore, softheaded, grim, half-baked, disquieted, wan, gaga, unrestrained, worried, screwball, nauseated, frantic.

Usage examples: