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Definition of dizzy:

  1. Causing, or tending to cause, giddiness or vertigo.
  2. Having in the head a sensation of whirling, with a tendency to fall; vertiginous; giddy; hence, confused; indistinct.
  3. To make dizzy or giddy; to give the vertigo to; to confuse.
  4. Without distinct thought; unreflecting; thoughtless; heedless.


giddy, befuddled, swimming, disturbed, ill, stupid, bedeviled, steep, ridiculous, absorbed, zonked-out, worse, distracted, punchy, can't put something down, scatterbrained, abrupt, fleet, unhealthy, alive, childish, breathless, frivolous, not in your right mind/not right in the head, interested, quick, confound, featherbrained, whirlwind, infectious, wacky, addle, zippy, unwell, tipsy, exuberant, confused, raddled, mix up, spaced-out, ditzy, flighty, throw, lightheaded, dizzying, frail, unstable, cockamamy, rapid, over-the-top, dopey, pathetic, dazed, stupefied, hot, vertiginous, psyched, fogged, addled, light-headed, muddleheaded, light, confounded, birdbrained, fleet-footed, muddle, lighthearted, weak, ability, fascinated, mixed-up, spacey, brisk, confuse, shell-shocked, excited, speedy, addlepated, wobbly, stunned, zany, befuddle, futile, whacky, cockamamie, fuddle, frothy, zonked, rattling, yeasty, groggy, woozy, punch-drunk, gaga, laughable, crazy, muzzy, staggering, breakneck, feelings, swooning, light-minded, rapid-fire, lofty, wired, befogged, reeling, anticipatory, sappy, swimmy, empty-headed, insane, clear, mad, bewilder, blistering, jumble, silly, bushed, fragile, bewildered, changeable, failing, airheaded, hasty, swift, splitting, slaphappy, unsteady, bemused, puzzle, nippy, shaky, awareness, whirling, galloping, snappy, puerile, discombobulate, goofy, mystify, sick, unfit, perplex, faint, aswoon, ludicrous, pixilated, flying, lightning, harebrained.

Usage examples: