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Definition of door:

  1. An entrance way, but taken in the sense of the house or apartment to which it leads.
  2. An opening in the wall of a house or of an apartment, by which to go in and out; an entrance way.
  3. Passage; means of approach or access.
  4. The frame or barrier of boards, or other material, usually turning on hinges, by which an entrance way into a house or apartment is closed and opened.


penetration, entrée, arch, introduction, verge, doorknocker, bay window, approach, doorstep, fanlight, dormer, key, admission, doorpost, doorstop, scope, accession, doorbell, doorjamb, accuse, passport, way, entry, threshold, limen, doorway, doorplate, casement, fire door, choice, doorknob, window of opportunity, hold accountable, possibilities, break, fog, admittance, back door, chance, double glazing, adit, doorsill, room access, blame, brink, the initiative, ticket, gateway.

Usage examples: