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Definition of doubtful:

  1. Admitting of doubt; not obvious, clear, or certain; questionable; not decided; not easy to be defined, classed, or named; as, a doubtful case, hue, claim, title, species, and the like.
  2. Characterized by ambiguity; dubious; as, a doubtful expression; a doubtful phrase.
  3. Fearful; apprehensive; suspicious.
  4. Not settled in opinion; undetermined; wavering; hesitating in belief; also used, metaphorically, of the body when its action is affected by such a state of mind; as, we are doubtful of a fact, or of the propriety of a measure.
  5. Of uncertain issue or event.


tentative, indefinite, irresolute, unapt, debatable, indeterminate, enigmatic, unresolved, lost, disputable, provisionary, exceptionable, ambiguous, hesitating, wishy-washy, problematical, perplexing, dubious, indecisive, borderline, chancy, clear, suspect, confused, faithless, equivocal, unresolved, moot, vacillating, perplexed, hesitant, contested, unclear, debatable, disreputable, distracted, probationary, undetermined, wavering, sneaky, problematic, inconclusive, indistinct, ambivalent, provisional, clouded, obscure, honest, unclear, undecided, questioning, uncertain, disturbed, undetermined, iffy, arguable, doubting, iffy, likely, certain, theoretical, puzzled, fishy, problematic, questionable, unsettled, distrustful, enigmatical, agnostic, shady, mootable, dubitable, unsure, vague, incertain, in question.

Usage examples: