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Definition of down:

  1. A bank or rounded hillock of sand thrown up by the wind along or near the shore; a flattish- topped hill; - usually in the plural.
  2. A road for shipping in the English Channel or Straits of Dover, near Deal, employed as a naval rendezvous in time of war.
  3. A state of depression; low state; abasement.
  4. A tract of poor, sandy, undulating or hilly land near the sea, covered with fine turf which serves chiefly for the grazing of sheep; - usually in the plural.
  5. Downcast; as, a down look.
  6. Downright; absolute; positive; as, a down denial.
  7. Downward; going down; sloping; as, a down stroke; a down grade; a down train on a railway.
  8. Fine, soft, hairy outgrowth from the skin or surface of animals or plants, not matted and fleecy like wool
  9. From a greater to a less bulk, or from a thinner to a thicker consistence; as, to boil down in cookery, or in making decoctions.
  10. From a higher to a lower position, literally or figuratively; in a descending direction; from the top of an ascent; from an upright position; to the ground or floor; to or into a lower or an inferior condition; as, into a state of humility, disgrace, misery, and the like; into a state of rest; -- used with verbs indicating motion.
  11. From a remoter or higher antiquity.
  12. Hence: Towards the mouth of a river; towards the sea; as, to sail or swim down a stream; to sail down the sound.
  13. In a descending direction along; from a higher to a lower place upon or within; at a lower place in or on; as, down a hill; down a well.
  14. In a low or the lowest position, literally or figuratively; at the bottom of a decent; below the horizon; of the ground; in a condition of humility, dejection, misery, and the like; in a state of quiet.
  15. In the direction of gravity or toward the center of the earth; toward or in a lower place or position; below; - the opposite of up.
  16. That which is made of down, as a bed or pillow; that which affords ease and repose, like a bed of down
  17. The pubescence of plants; the hairy crown or envelope of the seeds of certain plants, as of the thistle.
  18. The soft hair of the face when beginning to appear.
  19. The soft under feathers of birds. They have short stems with soft rachis and bards and long threadlike barbules, without hooklets.
  20. To cause to go down; to make descend; to put down; to overthrow, as in wrestling; hence, to subdue; to bring down.
  21. To cover, ornament, line, or stuff with down.
  22. To go down; to descend.


forlorn, mastered, tear, demolish, sinking, primo, number one, grim, par excellence, righteous, heartbroken, master, off, ill, brush, overmaster, ascending, cracking, bad, first-class, bully, feather, ailing, chain reactor, over, sensational, below, crop up, bed down, coldcock, drink down, at an end, bumper, falling, sluggish, heap, woebegone, numero uno, devour, overpower, blue-ribbon, put down, banner, dandy, bulge out, breast, downcast, faulty, gizzard, woeful, glum, downwardly, deplete, collapse, retail, spiritless, follow up, floor, heavyhearted, complicate, exhausted, dewlap, subnormal, boss, chow down, dander, done, back, grand, blue, kill, experience, downhearted, rarify, gangbusters, beyond, battered, gobble up, declining, crestfallen, cross-country, bottom, lowly, guttle, bundle, inferior, atomic pile, awesome, oncoming, mint, tidy sum, marvelous, deal, raze, surmount, heath, run through, open market, rock bottom, ended, stamp out, punk, desolate, thrash, downbound, course, bound for something, maelstrom, from all sides, exoskeleton, piling, completed, backward-compatible, bill, nonfunctional, atomic reactor, batch, current, follow out, bug out, mess, green, growing, round off, great, go through, exhaust, cut down, voltaic pile, noble, mass, forward, past, heavy-hearted, melancholic, subdued, bouncy, fab, topple, antivirus, eject, tristful, sick, worst, lovely, refine, exponential, mountain, top-of-the-line, hot, compatible, run-down, dull, complete, armour, trim down, ditch, perfect, nap, pop up, gilt-edged, metabolize, poor, megabucks, chalk something up, polish up, downward, terminated, rectify, strike down, thrown, attack, subjugate, mail order, muckle, defeat, cumulation, dismantle, pile, top-flight, meadow, beneficiary, crackerjack, paddock, hatful, shoot down, vanquish, prize, hype, exponential, shoot, compatibility, fantastic, top-shelf, against, capital, claimant, implement, out, over with, discomfit, bulge, ahead, downwards, cut off, slack, reduce, wrecked, humble, downfall, grassland, knock off, pour down, through, top, set down, broken, bequeath, bring down, superb, raft, elaborate, shot, shine, absorb, unfit, in, kaput, restrained, plenty, under, go across, quite a little, camouflage, low-level, splendid, come down, go down, graduated, happy, choice, agglomerate, peachy, prizewinning, great deal, come to, beard, down feather, skyward, subject, round, armor, lot, conquer, doleful, waste, dynamite, graduate, sight, charge, dispirited, cut out, mission accomplished, nifty, corking, blue-chip, passel, flow, spile, saddened, cumulus, active, put through, trailing, subdue, use up, wipe out, out-of-sight, phat, behind, underneath, cockscomb, gloomy, A1, stay down, overturn, take in, crush, pig, bursty, airlift, first-string, bogof, assimilate, at cost, anymore, quality, brush up, take, depressed, slipping, sterling, hangdog, wonderful, superlative, eddy, stellar, lowered, drop, cast down, clickable, top-notch, big bucks, sickened, worse, slew, boffo, case-sensitive, fantabulous, tweak, ebb, divine, infectious, sad, dope, headlong, failing, big money, blast, bequest, cuddle up, plummet, before, coat, flawed, pass, climb, prime, unsound, disconsolate, ware, peck, health, brokenhearted, tackle, dump, trashed, groovy, cool, work through, hit, deck, be descended from, heavenly, eat up, comedown, peachy keen, best-of-breed, downstairs, throw, carry out, ingestion, mickle, mow, miserable, pop out, descending, onward, consume, push down, aggregate, high-class, frail, slow, bunk, sorry, mound, lower, field, cut, upward, captain, shovel in, lose your balance/footing, stack, advancing, homeward, squander, buck, crest, take down, fine, peaky, pot, after, swell, toss off, moorland, prostrate, deadlock, John L. H. Down, eastbound, cut back, direct, buzz, flock, superior, laid up, malfunctioning, curl up, overcome, moor, collar, resting, downfield, metabolise, backward, rout, descent, joyless, knock down, by, downed, set ashore, famous, unwell, unhappy, five-star, scratch off, bolt down, smooth, birthright, drink, supernal, pull down, felled, dull, heartsore, trim back, apart, champ, dysphoric, come into, into, four-star, drip, tip-top, prevail over, A-OK, jim-dandy, crunch, outside, down in the mouth, accumulative, depleted, freemium, protrude, exoskeleton, calibrate, cushion, cannibalize, heartsick, hunker down, fall, wretched, tear down, slash, unhealthy, burn, mean, along, fine-tune, set, away, overmatch, keen, fabulous, inoperative, asynchronous, vote out, trip, trample in the dust, bang-up, bring, wad, terrific, sorrowful, fling off, all, finished, across, vote down, nonfunctioning, bowed, brag, mournful, descend, comb, rase, first refusal, spate, upset, start, overthrow, bite, down pat, smash, despondent, concede, counterclockwise, classic, follow through, topping, bleak, choke down, bury, polish, come out, slick, about, smoothen, downgrade, bonny, fourfold, poorly, sunken, brave, land, fallen, pop, wizard, see, rise, level, obliterate, slip, belt down, left, dejected, digest, nonoperating, increase, win, plunge, retired, raven, flop, homesick, immense, droopy, downwind, good deal, radical, inconsolable, dash off, gone, melancholy, gulp down, garbage down, concluded, gathering, bolt, beautiful, fragile, neat, downs, wistful, fractional, checkmate, soft, eat, low-spirited, lay, beak, shore, frontline, low, chomp, assist, unsurpassed, clockwise, peaked, knock out, wholesale, indisposed, stilt, beat, bank, up, flush, trim, have, lea, fell, come down to, around, out of order, galvanic pile, first-rate, ingest.

  • dejected (part of speech: adjective)

Usage examples:

  • " Come down, Miss Varnham!

    - "Peggy", Laura E. Richards.
  • Shall I write it down for you?

    - "Blind Love", Wilkie Collins.
  • Slowin' down, of course.

    - "The Depot Master", Joseph C. Lincoln.