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Definition of drop:

  1. A contrivance for temporarily lowering a gas jet.
  2. A curtain which drops or falls in front of the stage of a theater, etc.
  3. A door or platform opening downward; a trap door; that part of the gallows on which a culprit stands when he is to be hanged; hence, the gallows itself.
  4. A drop press or drop hammer.
  5. A machine for lowering heavy weights, as packages, coal wagons, etc., to a ship's deck.
  6. Act of dropping; sudden fall or descent.
  7. Any medicine the dose of which is measured by drops; as, lavender drops.
  8. Any small pendent ornament.
  9. Same as Gutta.
  10. That which resembles, or that which hangs like, a liquid drop; as a hanging diamond ornament, an earring, a glass pendant on a chandelier, a sugarplum ( sometimes medicated), or a kind of shot or slug.
  11. The depth of a square sail; - generally applied to the courses only.
  12. The distance of the axis of a shaft below the base of a hanger.
  13. The quantity of fluid which falls in one small spherical mass; a liquid globule; a minim; hence, also, the smallest easily measured portion of a fluid; a small quantity; as, a drop of water.
  14. To be deep in extent; to descend perpendicularly; as, her main topsail drops seventeen yards.
  15. To bestow or communicate by a suggestion; to let fall in an indirect, cautious, or gentle manner; as, to drop hint, a word of counsel, etc.
  16. To cause to fall in one portion, or by one motion, like a drop; to let fall; as, to drop a line in fishing; to drop a courtesy.
  17. To come to an end; to cease; to pass out of mind; as, the affair dropped.
  18. To come unexpectedly; - with in or into; as, my old friend dropped in a moment.
  19. To cover with drops; to variegate; to bedrop.
  20. To fall dead, or to fall in death.
  21. To fall in drops.
  22. To fall or be depressed; to lower; as, the point of the spear dropped a little.
  23. To fall short of a mark.
  24. To fall, in general, literally or figuratively; as, ripe fruit drops from a tree; wise words drop from the lips.
  25. To give birth to; as, to drop a lamb.
  26. To lay out, apply, or employ in any way; to consume by use; to use up or distribute, either in payment or in donations; to spend; as, they expend money for food or in charity; to expend time labor, and thought; to expend hay in feeding cattle, oil in a lamp, water in mechanical operations.
  27. To let drops fall; to discharge itself in drops.
  28. To let go; to dismiss; to set aside; to have done with; to discontinue; to forsake; to give up; to omit.
  29. To lower, as a curtain, or the muzzle of a gun, etc.
  30. To pour or let fall in drops; to pour in small globules; to distill.
  31. To send, as a letter; as, please drop me a line, a letter, word.
  32. Whatever is arranged to drop, hang, or fall from an elevated position; also, a contrivance for lowering something


regurgitate, snitch, sway, bring, neutralize, pucker, talk in terms of something, scruple, magnetic dip, recede, overleap, confound, spue, river, overlook, fire, send away, swing over, fly, come up, infusion, falloff, dry, referral, slide down, land, put-down, drop curtain, look up, airlift, gloam, escape, have, give the sack, drip, stray, twilight, drop in, capitulation, quaver, rove, bring along, cut back, liquidate, range, miss out, edge, dot, exuviate, cliff jumping, write down, slaver, go under, tittle, dangle, bring over, gloaming, cut down, look, vagabond, remittance, carry, diminishment, draft, put, beverage, cast aside, lash, commissioner, candyfloss, slough, catch, abuse, use, pickpocket, climb, swan, choke, doze off, trim back, spill, cat, deal, deadlock, fell, conduct, place down, cast-off, fall away, upchuck, dope off, vantage, pronounce, abatement, omit, roam, dump, fall off, consignment, caramel, ingestion, sweep, loss, diction, hook, get around, hairsbreadth, come by, jack up, finish with, get up, downturn, drift off, shut up, tell of, usher out, nectar, inspect, moisture, measure, bite your tongue/lip, deepness, globule, shake, cushion, amphetamine, contrive, dope, examine, raise, lack, slack, captaincy, thieve, push aside, force out, record, shed, flatten out, throw, tear, set down, big, angle of dip, offload, depression, take down, pull down, stead, drop cloth, bemuse, minimize, trifle, all, bring around, gust, bulge, note, splash, precipitation, clam up, element, trim down, gliding, to your door, drift, discount, free, bubble gum, look across, bewilder, depletion, exculpate, depth, spot, pull, catbird seat, cop, advantage, condensation, walk, complete, visit, hush, enunciate, air traffic control, send packing, purge, fall, cutback, inundation, brush aside, count out, buzz, beadwork, off-white, jet, ballooning, toss, flatten, dent, anabolic steroid, spit, flake out, downslide, hawk, diminish, crepuscule, base jumping, harden, chuck out, haul off, nondelivery, cast out, miss, ramble, air corridor, stop, leak, pop in, antidepressant, cease, command, take out, airdrop, wander, deteriorate, look out over, OD, articulate, brush off, attack, dribble, crepuscle, give, retch, dominate, bear, disgrace, hold your tongue, ivory, jump, survey, sack, blob, expend, check on, discombobulate, glom, glob, fragment, dip, droplet, pour forth, toss out, reduce, falter, nod off, fox, make, do in, frame, collapse, dry up, antacid, antibiotic, nightfall, downslope, bail out, step-down, spew, pretermit, concede, cut off, tramp, keep your mouth shut, pick up, draft in, degenerate, can, shut, air pocket, look around, shake off, spend, antidote, center, throw out, give the axe, slug, cast away, eject, pearl, dwindle, get down, jot, candy bar, touch on, to the exclusion of something, puke, defriend, thrust, go off, drivel, call, bonbon, allude to, free fall, tinge, cast, break, step, jigger, trim, aerospace, cut, lapse, nip, pay a visit, spatter, dash off, chew, moult, drink, piece, vomit up, halve, sip, cutpurse, clear, strike down, mention, precipice, confuse, leave off, assist, bury, howl, deliver, declension, empty, drowse off, molt, dram, throw-off, declivity, leave out, knock-off, shrivel, pass, vanish, discharge, autumn, downtrend, set/put something aside, overtop, fall out, refer to, waste, tingle, trickle, upper hand, astragal, fall back, rise, fling, switch, beading, better, at the slightest provocation, displace, radius, lose your balance/footing, down, mould, flip, redact, relocation, take in, scratch off, modulate, stammer, break up, drib, drop down, whip hand, gaze, disembark, magnetic inclination, push down, acquit, bedevil, barf, drool, diminution, cart, do, bungee jumping, debark, look in, chuck, falling off, bale out, except, unlade, enter, check, go down, anaesthetic, fall silent, evenfall, shrinkage, pin, slabber, befuddle, ounce, hurl, lift, lace, terminate, shot, drop away, inclination, draw, delivery, ditch, hold, captain, minim, bring through, candy cane, dusk, stutter, shut out of, bench, driblet, declination, toss off, blow, shave, muster out, shift, exonerate, air-to-air, disregard, exclude, nosedive, toss away, sick, escort, invoke, turn over to, run in, break off, lessening, high ground, see, devolve, knock down, aerobatics, mold, intone, be sick, aggregate, open, call up, come over, stare, demean, vestige, downswing, skid, chute, regorge, dispatch, anesthetic, airspeed, mow, neglect, analgesic, candy, lead, bring down, bead, bone, refreshments, swing out, cliff, couch, degrade, surface, look out on, give up, snort, honk, pick-me-up, shepherd, bank, fall asleep, give notice, cut out, downfall, potion, superiority, hurtle, fling off, a touch of something, upset, tot, destroy, inside track, vomit, come, project, crack, drop-off, anticoagulant, reach, increase, crater, over, immediately, candy apple, teardrop, top-slice, ort, swing, quickly, filter, pronunciation, freshen, fail, unload, roll, fuddle, disgorge, slobber, reduction, subside, repose, throw up, fall behind, escape from, sliver, mainline, lay, put away, drive, neutralise, vault, molecule, salivate, split up, slash, roll/trip/slip off the tongue, expel, throw away, ignore, airborne, return, raindrop, chalk something up, assoil, pause, articulation.

Usage examples: