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Definition of drop off:

  1. Retreat.


luxate, drop cloth, write down, recur, pretermit, dent, slip, fall behind, get down, knock off, mislay, spend, give, flatten, nod off, eject, cutback, send away, slide, draw back, place down, go off, lose, loss, drift off, quag, port of call, withdraw, move back, driblet, retreat, cast, enter, go to sleep, retire, bead, hand over, economic crisis, throw, throw off, pull back, change, muster out, free fall, quagmire, sneak, dislocate, put down, omit, empty, flake out, cliff, pull away, doze, delivery, the home stretch, dribble, slackness, decline, plunge, fall away, fall asleep, exhaust, resort, fall back, shrinkage, destroy, unlade, mistake, drip, skid, misplace, land, dive, overleap, neglect, degrade, strike down, offload, dawdle, turn a loss, shake off, jumping-off point, repose, release, lag, lapse, slack water, fell, mire, lap, bring down, throw away, collapse, sleep, degenerate, layover, take down, err, to your door, fire, slip one's mind, depletion, fall, decrease, assoil, descent, drowse off, lessening, slump, recidivate, inundation, leave, dip, slue, downslide, deteriorate, shed, free, downswing, exonerate, remittance, retrogress, drop curtain, lay, morass, dope off, acquit, doze off, relocation, drop down, disembark, sink, disgrace, exculpate, snooze, unload, reduction, falling off, nap, falloff, miss, splay, landfall, dispatch, send packing, departure, cut, nondelivery, regress, demean, increase, suffer, drib, cut down, downtrend, fall off, step-down, discharge, consignment, downturn, decrement, present, expel, diminishment, expend, record, drowse, nosedive, slew, referral, dangle, drop, diminution, steal, dismiss, leave out, abatement, depression, overlook, clear, tumble, debark, slack, pearl, drop away, leg, complete, set down, swing, relapse, cast off, devolve, recede.