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Definition of effort:

  1. A force acting on a body in the direction of its motion.
  2. An exertion of strength or power, whether physical or mental, in performing an act or aiming at an object; more or less strenuous endeavor; struggle directed to the accomplishment of an object; as, an effort to scale a wall.
  3. To stimulate.


pain, case, crusade, causal agency, trouble, move, pull, safari, reason, campaign, drift, apparent motion, parturiency, stab, try, causa, whirl, take, stretch, thrust, accomplishment, industry, do, crack, deed, fret, suit, offer, go, private road, tension, battle, attack, feat, ride, exertion, force, exploit, acquisition, acquirement, ease, bm, front, attainment, heavy, endeavour, bowel movement, lying-in, shot, driveway, lather, striving, confinement, driving, lawsuit, trial, energy, driving force, endeavor, childbed, while, trend, drill, political campaign, travail, attempt, drive, strain, cause, stew, grounds, hunting expedition, achievement, discipline, swither, social movement, run, elbow grease, stress, spurt, training, push, carelessness, apparent movement, military campaign, motility, parkway, bid, resolution, labour, sweat, sudor, application, movement, tug, perspiration, causal agent, struggle.

Usage examples: