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Definition of either:

  1. Each of two; the one and the other; both; - formerly, also, each of any number.
  2. One of two; the one or the other; - properly used of two things, but sometimes of a larger number, for any one.
  3. precedes two, or more, coordinate words or phrases, and is introductory to an alternative. It is correlative to or.


yet, further, moreover, likewise, one or the other, in any case, like nothing on earth, furthermore, unless, it could be that, whether or not, of your life, with/without distinction, there's nothing better, worse, more exciting etc. than, couldn't be better/worse/nicer etc., too, anyway, every, unadulterated, the fact that, it might be that, conspicuous, any, it could be that, even so, anyhow, then, all, also, by the way, each, additionally, unbelievable, besides, unless, not...anything better/worse, it might be that, not to mention, one or the other, namely, whether or not, withal, ultimate, again, incidentally.

Usage examples: