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Definition of elegant:

  1. Exercising a nice choice; discriminating beauty or sensitive to beauty; as, elegant taste.
  2. Very choice, and hence, pleasing to good taste; characterized by grace, propriety, and refinement, and the absence of every thing offensive; exciting admiration and approbation by symmetry, completeness, freedom from blemish, and the like; graceful; tasteful and highly attractive; as, elegant manners; elegant style of composition; an elegant speaker; an elegant structure.


soignee, high-toned, chaste, mellifluous, economical, grandiloquent, ornate, ingestion, rare, flowery, majestic, exquisite, balanced, utopian, high-class, formal, processed, style, opulent, bijou, stately, abstract, ritzy, gracious, nonconformist, fastidious, dainty, dandified, rhetorical, rhythmical, florid, engaging, chic, classy, fine, theoretical, dandyish, dashing, popular, metaphysical, select, pure, good, ill-chosen, conceptual, De Luxe, luxury, deluxe, succinct, fancy, concise, personable, tasteful, dull, perfected, adorned, foppish, dignified, aristocratic, recherche, lovable, flowing, telegenic, beauteous, sumptuous, central, rich, luxurious, genteel, soigne, debonair, smart, inarticulate, restrained, incisive, bewitching, tony, refined, posh, orthodox, courtly, fluent, neat, luxe, urbane, svelte, delightful, deterministic.

Usage examples: