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Definition of elude:

  1. To avoid slyly, by artifice, stratagem, or dexterity; to escape from in a covert manner; to mock by an unexpected escape; to baffle; as, to elude an officer; to elude detection, inquiry, search, comprehension; to elude the force of an argument or a blow.


miss, finesse, foil, shake, flurry, break for, cook, break away, make a break (for something), get by, owned, frustrate, thwart, hightail it, backfire, founder, fly the coop, get around, get out, block, turn off, misrepresent, environ, confuse, put over, throw off, weasel, shake off, hedge, lose, manipulate, scarper, outsmart, forget, collapse, languish, wangle, burke, baffle, put off, shuffle, scotch, lose sight of, dishearten, flop, besiege, slip, hold over, circumvent, erase, dip, turn tail, take to the woods, postpone, dodge, duck, outwit, fake, surround, hedge in, deflect, ring, scape, defer, bomb, prorogue, douse, bunk, run, fizzle, fail, outfox, repress, flee, seek, obliterate, blank out, skirt, bilk, hem in, blot out, make off with, disconcert, scat, break loose, cross, overreach, fudge, head for the hills, eschew, beleaguer, study at escape, evade, shelve, falsify, slip your mind/memory, crash, lam, escape, parry, run away, spoil, put something behind you, bolt, beat, set back, get off, remit, border, table, sidestep.

Usage examples: