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Definition of embarrass:

  1. Embarrassment.
  2. To hinder from freedom of thought, speech, or action by something which impedes or confuses mental action; to perplex; to discompose; to disconcert; as, laughter may embarrass an orator.
  3. To hinder from liberty of movement; to impede; to obstruct; as, business is embarrassed; public affairs are embarrassed.
  4. To involve in difficulties concerning money matters; to incumber with debt; to beset with urgent claims or demands; - said of a person or his affairs; as, a man or his business is embarrassed when he can not meet his pecuniary engagements.


fluster, freeze, block off, overawe, hinder, barricade, lug, discountenance, dumbfound, vex, block up, forget, discombobulate, involve, complicate, handicap, keep back, puzzle, block, perturb, nonplus, bewilder, choke up, blank out, stop, discomfort, pain, trouble, seal off, daunt, stuff, close up, draw a blank, encourage, bother, obturate, deflect, rattle, distress, halt, kibosh, blockade, compose, confound, simple, perplex, jam, snarl, worry, chagrin, impede, distract, dishearten, immobilize, abash, upset, agitate, immobilise, disturb, confuse, bar, obstruct, parry, tangle, entangle, ravel, flurry, occlude, hamper, stymie, discompose, stymy.

Usage examples: