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Definition of entangle:

  1. To involve in such complications as to render extrication a bewildering difficulty; hence, metaphorically, to insnare; to perplex; to bewilder; to puzzle; as, to entangle the feet in a net, or in briers.
  2. To twist or interweave in such a manner as not to be easily separated; to make tangled, confused, and intricate; as, to entangle yarn or the hair.


matte up, corner, unsettle, sweep, embarrass, trap, snarl up, get stuck, dishevel, implicate, foul up, mire, simple, embrangle, overwhelm, snarl, knot, mat up, muddle, imply, mix up, grind to a halt, muck up, ravel, tangle, matte, snap, matt-up, felt, drag in, order, snare, ensnarl, muck, bog down, embrangle, tousle, embroil, felt up, mud, mat, sweep up.

Usage examples: