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Definition of event:

  1. An affair in hand; business; enterprise.
  2. That which comes, arrives, or happens; that which falls out; any incident, good or bad.
  3. The consequence of anything; the issue; conclusion; result; that in which an action, operation, or series of operations, terminates.
  4. To break forth.


particular, display case, effect, causa, feature, character, in any case, bout, ramification, solvent, pillow slip, phase, caseful, matter, predicament, impression, publication, harvest, incident, number, position, whatever happens, adventure, force, happen, egress, exit, type, emergency, performance, conclusion, holiday, point, issuing, lawsuit, resolution, contest, proceeding, no matter what else, whatever may be the case, disaster, corollary, guinea pig, real, pillowcase, tide, come what may, cause, pass, at least, essence, at any rate, attraction, government issue, casing, vitrine, item, topic, typesetter's case, shell, development, be that as it may, end product, issue, upshot, instance, issuance, consequence, burden, affair, subject, thing, resultant role, sequel, joust, suit, outcome, marvel, play, takings, turn, chance, actuality, match, concomitant, detail, exhibition, result, gist, coincidence, at all events, emergence, calamity, answer, slip, mischance, outlet, case, termination, compositor's case, however, miracle, transaction, fact, progeny, sheath, grammatical case, ceremony, import, core, shift, fount, game, mishap, wonder, competition, payoff, reality, return, precipitate, accident, anyway, display, anyhow, phenomenon, triumph, meet, font, news, final result, drama, no matter what happens, celebration, eccentric, resultant, regardless, spectacle, face, appearance, take, military issue, experience, proceeds, crisis, accompaniment, mistake, advent, example, story, solution, showcase, way out, misfortune, yield, exigency, catastrophe, function, typeface, happen what may, sequent.

Usage examples: