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Definition of F:

Synonyms for F:

h, crotchet, AV, a, girl, Celsius, CCTV, degree, abbreviation, fahrenheit, full marks, b, woman, fluorine, distinction, atomic number 9, Capt., bimetallic strip, lass, anon., GPA, allegro, degree Fahrenheit, e, con amore, double flat, chord, working girl, eighties, c, womankind, aitch, bpi, bass, con brio, arr., clef, fine, pure, ABC's, the fair sex, centigrade, adagio, cf., bar line, farad, bass clef, female, young lady, boiling point, do, beat, absolute zero, apt., womenfolk, Fahr, bar, g, andante, acronym, demerit, housewife, d.

Usage examples:

  • F. A. Wallroth ?

    - "The Ascent of the Matterhorn", Edward Whymper.
  • The article 'Gypsies' by F. H. Groome in Chambers's Encycl.

    - "Rambles and Recollections of an Indian Official", William Sleeman.
  • F. That may be, we did not count them.

    - "On the Heels of De Wet", The Intelligence Officer.