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Definition of fall guy:

Synonyms for fall guy:

muggins, sap, stigma, home run, butt, mug, visage, schlemiel, seagull, bull's eye, scratch, lollipop, monkey, cross, scrape, all-day sucker, tomfool, gull, gudgeon, smiler, sea gull, sucker, bell ringer, motley fool, scapegoat, scar, print, victim, shlemiel, marker, pigeon, kisser, target, phiz, the guilty party, fair game, punching bag, crisscross, grade, jester, lamb, patsy, soft touch, chump, have someone to thank (for something), countenance, praise, whipping boy, wise, mark, saphead, physiognomy, fool, stain, pushover, brand, goat, mugful, dead duck, sign, score, dupe, marking.