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Definition of fancy:

  1. A sort of love song or light impromptu ballad.
  2. Adapted to please the fancy or taste; ornamental; as, fancy goods.
  3. An image or representation of anything formed in the mind; conception; thought; idea; conceit.
  4. An opinion or notion formed without much reflection; caprice; whim; impression.
  5. Extravagant; above real value.
  6. Inclination; liking, formed by caprice rather than reason; as, to strike one's fancy; hence, the object of inclination or liking.
  7. That which pleases or entertains the taste or caprice without much use or value.
  8. The faculty by which the mind forms an image or a representation of anything perceived before; the power of combining and modifying such objects into new pictures or images; the power of readily and happily creating and recalling such objects for the purpose of amusement, wit, or embellishment; imagination.
  9. To believe without sufficient evidence; to imagine ( something which is unreal).
  10. To figure to one's self; to believe or imagine something without proof.
  11. To form a conception of; to portray in the mind; to imagine.
  12. To have a fancy for; to like; to be pleased with, particularly on account of external appearance or manners.
  13. To love.


see to it, fraud, visit, overextravagant, complex, delicately, enter, unconscionable, romance, warmness, insure, extra, reverie, confusing, steep, dressy, sexy, tangy, basic, frisky, deception, love, difficult, intolerable, puffed, inordinate, affection, trick, bond, towering, showy, calculate, stick out, fussy, go steady, construe, damascened, conjuration, externalize, accept, edible, give (full) rein to something/give something (full) rein, ensure, flavorful, notion, overmuch, discover, in style, juicy, on the pull, foresee, hold, show, hear, lacelike, render, take to, upmarket, commendable, insane, externalise, attachment, consider, enviable, penchant, imaginativeness, florid, run into, devilish, lacy, phantasy, vermicular, succulent, confused, see, real, emblazoned, overweening, elaborate, megrim, go out, illusion, count on, amorousness, stiff, unmerciful, find out, aureate, crenellate, visualize, get wind, check, run across, good, watch, philia, figure, fashion-conscious, get word, forecast, phantasm, rococo, mirage, boutade, send off, freak, tasty, optical illusion, imagine, take in, liking, envision, contorted, extravagant, delusion, visualization, protrude, experience, jut out, find, cipher, witness, crenelated, baroque, crenellated, vermiculated, daydream, thaumaturgy, heroic, taste, consent, damask, depict, battlemented, compute, awesome, complicated, love affair, excited, contemplate, beaded, falsehood, control, date, escort, catch, crenelate, warmheartedness, heart, throw, delicate, noteworthy, castled, embattled, go through, warmth, cast, undue, semblance, apply, affectionateness, pick up, partiality, leaning, have visions of (doing) something, delicious, fondness, design, conjuring trick, bejeweled, predilection, look for, sex, excite, upscale, assume, immoderate, propose, distinguished, aspire, involved, humor, overdue, regard, mind, half-price, interpret, partisanship, vermiculate, reckon, embossed, conceit, randy, damascene, indented, have your heart set on (doing) something, view, ascertain, discounted, inclusive, read into, flashy, fanciful, cypher, legerdemain, busy, project, pleasure, dream, fantasy, all-in, palatable, plan, garnished, preference, chargeable, magic, get a line, magic trick, passion, extreme, imagination, chintzy, full, trance, bedecked, suppose, admirable, exorbitant, think up, luxuriant, conceive, arouse, lust after, will, vision, try for, take care, meet, incomprehensible, realise, phantasma, impulse, tenderness, visualise, figment, contrive, detailed, come across, designer, rich, hot, churrigueresco, puff, image, plethoric, praiseworthy, castellated, understand, all-inclusive, work out, attend, look, lovingness, a figment of your imagination, learn, fiction, appetizing, picture, assure, myth, encounter, sophisticated, jut, flamboyant, realize, churrigueresque, hallucination, bee, imaginings, head game, day-dream, go for, respected, crackle, conjecture, awe-inspiring, examine, estimate.

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