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Definition of feeble:

  1. Deficient in physical strength; weak; infirm; debilitated.
  2. To make feble; to enfeeble.
  3. Wanting force, vigor, or efficiency in action or expression; not full, loud, bright, strong, rapid, etc.; faint; as, a feeble color; feeble motion.


halt, indistinct, timid, faint-hearted, ineffective, woebegone, washy, worn, rachitic, crippled, lightheaded, faltering, insubstantial, dim, light-headed, cool, vague, wispy, insufficient, shaky, purposeless, faint, coolheaded, gimpy, weak, languid, imperfect, unsubstantial, worn down, flea-bitten, strong, fallible, unaccented, halting, weakly, infirm, sapless, derelict, faded, fainthearted, delicate, wonky, decrepit, watery, nerveless, debile, powerless, puny, tenuous, wobbly, irresolute, ill-defined, wearied, swooning, unsound, creaky, lame, half-hearted, frail, shadowy, light, ineffectual, game.

Usage examples: