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Definition of feeling:

  1. An act or state of perception by the sense above described; an act of apprehending any object whatever; an act or state of apprehending the state of the soul itself; consciousness.
  2. Any state or condition of emotion; the exercise of the capacity for emotion; any mental state whatever; as, a right or a wrong feeling in the heart; our angry or kindly feelings; a feeling of pride or of humility.
  3. Expressive of great sensibility; attended by, or evincing, sensibility; as, he made a feeling representation of his wrongs.
  4. Possessing great sensibility; easily affected or moved; as, a feeling heart.
  5. That quality of a work of art which embodies the mental emotion of the artist, and is calculated to affect similarly the spectator.
  6. The capacity of the soul for emotional states; a high degree of susceptibility to emotions or states of the sensibility not dependent on the body; as, a man of feeling; a man destitute of feeling.
  7. The sense by which the mind, through certain nerves of the body, perceives external objects, or certain states of the body itself; that one of the five senses which resides in the general nerves of sensation distributed over the body, especially in its surface; the sense of touch; nervous sensibility to external objects.


savor, look, sense of touch, printing, outlook, note, idea, position, tactual sensation, savour, public opinion, shade, olfaction, whole step, sapidity, voluptuousness, cutaneous senses, olfactory property, thought, scent, tang, soupcon, affectivity, sense of smell, whole tone, timbre, timber, character, judgment, imprint, depression, odor, expression, receptivity, looking at, picture, whim, liveliness, anesthesia, aroma, hint, touch sensation, atmosphere, olfactory sensation, tactile property, conviction, olfactory modality, disembodied spirit, olfactory perception, skin perceptiveness, pinch, purport, sense, hunch, whimsy, tonus, smell, ghost, tone of voice, tone, activity, impression, stamp, heart, sensitivity, signature, vox populi, ambiance, feelings, aspect, jot, touch perception, spot, smelling, step, sensitiveness, facial expression, susceptibility, judgement, perceptiveness, flavour, titillation, reflex, whimsey, popular opinion, life, face, premonition, odour, touch, intuitive feeling, enjoyment, aura, inkling, ruling, flavor, smack, mite, sprightliness, tactile sensation, foreboding, tactility, intuition, numbness, looking, legal opinion, reaction, spirit, tinge, mental picture, feel, relish, belief, suspicion, trace, impressibility, quality, touch modality, view, tint, opinion, sensuality, be, pure tone, air, intent, tonicity, tincture, skin senses, emotional state, mind, effect, characteristic, notion, attitude, sensibility, musical note, speck, persuasion.

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