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Definition of feverish:

  1. Disordered as by fever; excited; restless; as, the feverish condition of the commercial world.
  2. Having a fever; suffering from, or affected with, a moderate degree of fever; showing increased heat and thirst; as, the patient is feverish.
  3. Hot; sultry.
  4. Indicating, or pertaining to, fever; characteristic of a fever; as, feverish symptoms.


vehement, red-hot, fragile, can't put something down, hot-blooded, religious, sick, warm-blooded, perfervid, superheated, demonstrative, febrific, fevered, feelings, unfit, pyretic, psyched, ill, flushed, blazing, alive, passional, infectious, worse, ferocious, exuberant, fierce, running a temperature, excite, failing, overwrought, interested, fascinated, rabid, wild, unhealthy, intense, hectic, agitated, unwell, fervid, charged, flaming, frail, above normal, incandescent, fevered, feverous, febrile, hyperactive, overactive, wired, anticipatory, frenetic, absorbed, heated, pyretic, violent, frantic.

Usage examples: